Dance is My Life : La Noire

Mbongning Tchiaze Danie aka Lanoire is a rising star in the dansing industry. The 24 year old lady from West Cameroon, more precisely from Mbouda at Bangang started dancing at a young age just for fun. Her dance style is *coupé décalé* which originates from Ivory Coast but is very popular all over Africa. Nevertheless, the versatile young lady also masters other dance styles. In 2018 she began to take dancing more seriously. By 2019 she had already gained some visibility thanks to her videos on social media but was still not completely engaged because her parents did not accept her career choice. It is only in 2020 that she decided to officially go proffessional.

dance is ly life

Even though the journey has not been an easy one so far, Lanoir seems to be on a good path. With more and more hard work and prayer, she dreams of getting to the top of the dance industry. She hopes to one day dance for the biggest national and international artists and also eventually open a dance school to share and transmit her passion to others.

She started her dancing adventure individually but is now part of a dance crew called *Black Panthers*. She was inspired by dancers like Aline Sniff, Juliana Ekema, Danielle Ipa and Armelle Golden. So far, she has danced with artists such as Joeboy and Shan’l at their concerts. She also danced for numerous artists like:

-Rinyu in #blackgirlmagic

-Rinyu ft salatiel in #Iyori

-Mic flame ft mic monsta in #Boss

-Daphne ft boytag in #faraway

-Paul sheguel in #maman

-Fuchor ft Askia in #twerk

-T.Jay in #kinderjoy

 and many others.

Her main motivation, what keeps her going is firstly her parents who she finally managed to convince and who support her today in her passion. Also, the fact that she can gain a living by doing what she loves to do is a big motivation.

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