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MARCELLAS NJONJI the soul artist

On the 2nd September 2022, the Cameroonian cultural network (CCN) in collaboration with espace doual’art offered a solo art exhibition. It is on the theme « REFORMATION » that a young artist presented her master piece.

The exhibition proposed was the result of a collaboration between espace doual’art and the CCN. The CCN is a platform promoted by the GOETHE institute Cameroon in Yaounde. It’s mission is to ensure the promotion of artists and their works in Cameroon. Espace doual’art is a contemporary art center, created as a non-profit association in 1991 in Douala by Marilyn Douala Bell and Didier Schaub. It works for the development and enhancement of the city, by conducting both artistic action and urban planning.

Marcelas Njonji


Among the visual artists who have been selected for a first phase of activity is the artist, Marcellas NJONJI. After Bandjoun Station in the West and UCC (Ubuntu Cultural Center) in Yaoundé, she presents REFORMATION at espace doual’art.

Born in September 29, 1999 in the North West, Marcellas Njonji has always been a lover of drawing and painting. She is a holder of a degree in  » arts du spectacle et visuel » from the University of Bamenda 2019.Her passion was not always encouraged by her family. And it was difficult to make revenues from it yet, since 2016 with the crises in the NOSO, Marcellas fell the urge to stop all side jobs and focus on art so as to sensitize society and tell the story of her home town.

Marcellas Njonji
Béatrice Meguem / Marcellas Njonji – Princesse Marlyse Bell

Her art revolves around themes such as LOVE, NATURE and SOCIAL CHANGES. Talking about herself she said:   » I like creating art that connects to the soul » «  « when a viewer sees my art, he has seen part of my soul. »

Marcellas has had the opportunity to expose her work under several spot lights, such as NBACA. She was also a finalist at the « GOETHE DECOUVERTE 2022 »

Being a perfectionist, she works on her projects several times before presenting them. Yet she always feels there is something to add.  It explains the delight of her viewers at each exhibition. Just like Patrick Ngouana though working on the project with marcellas, couldn’t hide his surprise at seing the final work. He explained that her creativity is impressive. The manner in wish she handles colours and expresses an idea is unique. Fokam, a participant at the exhibition, encouraged the young talented painter. He praised her creativity and encouraged her to keep on the good work.

Marcellas Njonji
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